Beyond the Lemonade Stand: How to Teach High School Students Lean Startups

Steve Blank

While the Lean LaunchPad class has been adopted by Universities and the National Science Foundation, the question we get is, “Can students in K-12 handle an experiential entrepreneurship class?” Hawken School has now given us an answer. Their seniors just completed the school’s first-ever 3-credit semester program in evidence-based entrepreneurship. Students are fully immersed in real-world learning during the 12-week Entrepreneurial Studies course.

Here’s what Doris Korda Associate Head of School and Tim Desmond, Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Studies did, and how they did it.

Teaching students to think like entrepreneurs not accountants
We realized that past K-12 Entrepreneurial classes taught students “the lemonade stand” version of how to start a company: 1) come up with an idea, 2) execute the idea, 3) do the accounting (revenue, costs, etc.).

We wanted to teach our students how to think like entrepreneurs not accountants. Therefore we needed them to think and…

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The 9 Best Startup Blogs for Entrepreneurs

David Cummings on Startups

Five years ago I published a list of a few dozen entrepreneur blogs that I enjoyed reading on a regular basis. Over time, preferences and styles changed. Now, I still read ~10 posts on a daily basis but I no longer read 100+ like I used to do. Here are the nine blogs entrepreneurs should read on a regular basis:

These blogs, read using Digg Reader (both in my Chrome browser and the native app on my iPhone), make for quality, fresh content on a daily basis that I find invaluable.

What else? What other blogs would you add to this list of top startup blogs for entrepreneurs?

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