I have debated for sometime now if I wanted to share my opinion on a few subjects, but I can take it no longer and I must. First, the great Walmart debacle: yes I shop there, who doesn’t? But really, they can’t afford to pay their employees? I have had enough of corporations just continually taking and taking so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I would love not to shop there but, alas I am also a poor person that is subject to needing the lowest price and I hardly believe that if they paid their employees more that their prices would go up with a $17 billion dollar profit.  I don’t think it would make a dent in their profit to give each of their employee’s their raise to a “living wage.” -maybe I am old fashion but if your employee’s are happy they are going to work harder thus sell more and you will in turn make more or in a loss-prevention sense lose less, because they care more and actually help customers so people won’t shoplift.



Second is the government disaster, again based on wage -these public servants (and I am not choosing either political party) aren’t required to be “present” for their job on floor yet they make well over $500,000 each some less, some more (I am speaking in regards for voting etc) they literally can “phone” in their vote (say from the beach or God knows where) and they are working and getting paid by taxpayer’s. They should be paid minimum wage since they do minimum work and “phone” in the rest, thus saving hundred’s of millions of dollars off the budget and put the money back into programs that have been cut!! Nearly all of the House and Senate are in the 1% bracket and completely out of touch with the rest of America.


OK I have finally gotten to say what I think, I am sure many will disagree, but this is something that has truly bothered me and really is my point.